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Frequently Asked Questions

DCIFX stands for Durian Commercial Investment & FX. The company is registered and licensed by the Kurdistan Regional Government. Its main office located in Arbil Governorate, English Village, Villa No. 79.

Any person who reached adult legal age (18 years) can become a client (customer) in DCIFX and can open Account to conduct trading bargains.

Everyone who has desire to open Trading Account at DCIFX, may visit Company’s main office to obtain a copy of “Customer Agreement” to review, read and comprehend it, then to sign it. Once it is been signed it means client’s comprehension of all items and paragraphs of the contract. After signing the contract, the client can fill a specific form fond in (Services) link to open his own account according to the Username and Password chosen by the client himself.

Once the account is opened, the client should select one of the trading platforms found in (Platforms) link into his devices (Computer- Cellphone).

Trading Platforms means all company’s software and hardware programs through which actual prices are presented and allows to put Buy/ Sell, Modify, Cancel and execute Orders. The platforms take both parties (Clients and Company) commitments in consideration.

All clients can deposit funds into their accounts either through visiting the main office of the company in Erbil city- English Village- Villa no. 79, or through Pelepare Company’s link at pelepare.com. The company is not responsible for any amount claimed or charged by Pelepare, the Banks or Money Transfer Offices. Minimum deposit is $100.

Opening account in DCIFX is totally free and the client does not have to pay any cost. All account opening services are free and company employees assist clients in this procedure.

There are certain fees would be charged from clients for executing trading transactions such as (Commissions- Transaction expenses). The rate of these commissions depends on the sizes and the number of the transactions executed by the client. For further information call 0750-241-4444.

Leverage is a sort of guarantee granted by the company for the clients. Example 1:100, this means, the client’s transaction size would be 100 times greater than his initial margin. In other words, if client’s margin is $100 he can execute transaction for $ 10.000. For further information call 0750-241-4444.

Since all trading transactions conducted and executed electronically through the Internet, there is not physical and actual delivery of the commodity to the clients. Instead, the profits/ losses would be added or deducted from client’s account. When profits gained, the client can directly claim it from DCIFX Company and he is entitled to receive the amount directly from the company.

As these transactions require customer’s experience and strategy, the client must execute all his trading transactions according to his own strategy. Only in special circumstances DCIFX may execute client’s trading transactions based on phone calls according to client’s recommendations and wishes.

The client may contact the company via e-mail, phone, the company’s web page or through direct chat with Service Section of the company.