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Established since 2015, DCIFX offers you the accessibility to trade the global markets through it’s advanced trading platforms.

Your Success is Our Success

We have your best interest in mind. Your satisfaction and success ensure long-term relationships. And this is what we care about. A win-win approach – we are a Pure STP Forex Broker.

Every single trade, and regardless of size and asset class, is routed to our Liquidity Providers.
Our goal is to provide you with the best trading conditions, technology and service.

Understanding Your Requirements

Our Islamic trading account is 100% Sharia Law Compliant.
Security of funds and availability upon request.
Fair and equal trading conditions across all trading strategies.

User friendly platform, with a feature rich environment allowing traders to further customize their trading experience.

World most popular trading platform, combines the simple interface of its predecessor MT4 with a number of new features and advanced technologies.